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Anonymous Zai Wa Ji Hkyang Laika Buk Zaiwa Songs Book* literature Zaiwa
Anonymous Ga Shaka Ningnan: Ga Hpan Lahkawng Jinghpaw-English The New Testament: Bilingual Jinghpaw-English religion Jinghpaw
Anonymous Gyeing" Shang: Ngei Bu: Lu Dang: Jhoem: Moug Soug" (Thang" Cab' Seig'), Akhid" Pyaid' Lacid Myeing The New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs in Lacid Common Language religion Lacid
Anonymous Gyeung" Shang: Jhoem: Mougsoug The Holy Bible in Lacid Language religion Lacid Yangon
Anonymous Phung Byu Lo, Ci: Soug" Pug' Christians Handbook* religion Lacid Myitkyina
Anonymous Dao: Thang" Asag' Paug' We' Caung: Khin" Paug' , Dao: Zham" Paug' The New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs in Lhaovo Common Language religion Lhaovo
Anonymous Gyang" Lho" Jham: Paug': Dao: Thang" Axug' Paug' We' Dao: Thang" Asag' Paug' The Old Testament and the New Testament in Lhaovo Common Language religion Lhaovo
Anonymous Shao Gyang" Jham: Paug' : Dao: Thang" Axug' Paug' We' Dao: Thang" Asag' Paug' Holy Bible: The Old Testament and The New Testament in Lhaovo Language religion Lhaovo
Anonymous Yohan Ngauibau Laudao Lhaovo Gospel of John religion Lhaovo London
Anonymous ꓘꓶ ꓫꓵꓽ ꓫꓵꓼ ꓕꓳ ꓶ_ ꓐꓰ ꓟꓴ ꓖꓪ ꓕꓳ ꓶ ꓘꓶꓽ ꓫꓵꓽ ꓫꓵꓼ The New Testament and Psalms in Lisu religion Lisu Bangkok
Anonymous ꓬ-ꓗꓴ ꓕꓳ ꓶ ꓒꓶꓻ ꓟꓸ ꓖꓶ_ ꓟ religion Lisu
Anonymous ꓢꓳ ꓣꓴ ꓓꓴ ꓪꓴ-ꓢ ꓢꓲ ꓫꓬ ꓕꓳ ꓶ ꓘꓶꓽ ꓫꓵꓽ ꓫꓵꓼ The Lisu New Testament Study Bible religion Lisu
Anonymous Gyingshang Jyomp Maussauh The Holy Bible in the Ngochang Language religion Ngochang
Anonymous Ngoqchangh Cangxeih Nghup Xuq Maussauh Ngoqchang Primer* religion Ngochang
Anonymous Chyoiyúng Chyumlaiká: Dangshikaq Asik The New Testament in the Zaiwa Language religion Zaiwa
Anonymous Jhoem: Moug Soug" Mo Mhoo: Myid Yo" Tung Zoo: Lacid Nu" Yi Ted Gyo" Lo Da" Mhoo: Myid Tales from the Bible and Tales passed down by Lacid People* religion, tradition Lacid, Jinghpaw
Anonymous Jinghpaw Hti Laika Hpung Lăngai textbook Jinghpaw Dallas
Anonymous Jinghpaw Hti Laika Nnan Hpung textbook Jinghpaw Dallas
Anonymous Lacid Lhid" Cab , Datain" Jhau" Pug Lacid Reader, Grade-1* textbook Lacid Myitkyina
Anonymous Lacid Lhid" Cab , Jhau" Shid" Pug Lacid Reader, KG* textbook Lacid Myitkyina
Anonymous Lacid' Nghab Mougsoug" Azhang 1 Lacid' Reader for First Standard textbook Lacid
Anonymous Primer of Tai Hsa or Maingtha Shan Language* Primer of Tai Hsa or Maingtha Shan Language* textbook Maingtha
Anonymous Gabú hpo Ludang: : Yesuq É Hkyô Mhô-myi Shindâm Pén Good News: Stories of Jesus, book 1-2, Zaiwa language textbook Zaiwa
Anonymous Zaiwa Laika Zaiwa Orthography* textbook Zaiwa
Anonymous Ge é Samariq byù ra yuq A Good Samarian* textbook Zaiwa
Anonymous Kang Seng Awng Magazine general Jinghpaw
Anonymous Langji U E Pyen Yu Su! VII Black kite, come down! VII* general Jinghpaw
Anonymous Chyin-yu & Hpauyu Ni A Ginru Ginsa Labau Hte Maumwi Mausa Laika Buk The migration history and tale of the Chyin-yu & Hpauyu people* history Jinghpaw Myitkyina
Anonymous ꓶꓼ ꓓꓳꓽ ꓫꓱꓹ ꓓꓳꓽ ꓛꓲ ꓡꓯꓼ ꓔꓳꓶ Rays of Gospel Magazine NO.16 religion Lisu
Anonymous Jinghpaw shi laika Jinghpaw Newspaper news Jinghpaw Rangoon
Anonymous Shi laika ningnan New Newspaper news Jinghpaw
Anonymous Hparat ninghkawng magazine Wisdom power Magazine unknown Jinghpaw Yangon
Anonymous Chyurum shalat magazine Kachin brotherhood development magazine general Jinghpaw Mandalay
Anonymous 1892-1992 Myitkyina ginwang hkalup hpung ginjaw ginrawng jaw labau religion Jinghpaw unknown
Anonymous Jinghpaw maumwi ni folktale Jinghpaw Kanchanaburi
Asim Maitra A guide book to Lisu language language English Delhi
Asim Maitra Profile of a little-known tribe (An ethnographic study of Lisus of Arunachal Pradesh) language English New Delhi
Aung, Hnin Thanda et al. A review of traditional medicinal plants from Kachin State, Northern Myanmar tradition, medicine English
Awng Lak Chyoi Dusat dumyeng hkum tsumhpa hte u amyu ni a lam biology Jinghpaw unknown
Awng Lak Chyoi Jiwoi jiwa ni a ahtik labau lik history Jinghpaw unknown
Barnard, Joseph T. O. A handbook of the Rawang dialect of the Nung language: containing a grammar of the language, colloquial exercises and a vocabulary with an appendix of Nung manners and customs language English Rangoon
Barnard, Joseph T. O. History of Putao history English
Barnard, Joseph T. O. The frontier of Burma general English
Baruah, Tapan Kumar M. The Singphos and their religion language English Shilong
Bashar, Iftekharul Myanmar ethnic conflict English
Benedict, Paul K. Sino-Tibetan: A conspectus language English New York
Benedict, Paul K. Sino-Tibetan: Another look language English
Benedict, Paul K. On Jingpho 'one' and 'two' language English
Bernot, Denise Quelques correspondences entre maru et birman Some correspondences between Maru and Burmese* language French Paris
Bigandet, Paul A. A comparative vocabulary of Shan,Kakying and Palaoung language English