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Clark, W. M. A rough survey of suitable sugarcane areas in Myitkyina District agriculture English Rangoon
Clerk, F. V. A Manual of the Lawngwaw or Maru language language English Rangoon
Couchman, G. H. H. Report on the Kachin Hills north-east of Bhamo /​ by Captain G.H.H. Couchman, 2nd Somersetshire Light Infantry, Intelligence Officer, North-Eastern Column, Bhamo District, 1891-92 expedition English Rangoon
Cramer, Carol J. Bibliography on the Lisu bibliography English Bangkok
Crider, Donald M. The work among Kachins --- including Lisus and Nagas religion English Rangoon
Cushing, Josiah N. Grammatical sketch of the Kakhyen language language English England
Cushing, Josiah N. From Mandalay to Bhamo expedition English
Cushing, Josiah N. Grammatical sketch of the Kakhyen language language English
Cushing, Josiah N. The Ka-khyens of Upper Burma general English
D. Hpau Naw Myit mungkan Mind world* unknown Jinghpaw unknown
Dai, Qingxia Characteristics of the language of traditional songs of the Jingpo nationality language English
Dai, Qingxia The variation of free morphemes in compound words in Jingpo language English
Dai, Qingxia On the languages of the Jingpo nationality language English
Dai, Qingxia and Hede Wu Jingpho prefixes : Their classification, origins, and implications for general morphology language English
Dai, Qingxia and Hede Wu Jinghpo verbs and Tibeto-Burman grammatical categories language Chinese Osaka
Dai, Qingxia and Lon Diehl Jinghpo language English London
Dalton, Edward T. Descriptive ethnology of Bengal culture English Calcutta
Dang Lhaug' Khao Dau: Vai: Sham Riddles* literature Lhaovo Vai" Mo:
Das Gupta, Kamalesh A phrase book in Singpho language English Shilong
Das Gupta, Kamalesh Patterns of inter-relationship between the languages of Arunachal: Singpho, Nocte, Gallong, Miju, and Monpa language English
Dashi Gam Myhî-hpô Mhoqji Sânghkyang Zaiwa Proverbs* literature Zaiwa
Davies, Henry Rudolph Yun-nan: The link between India and the Yangtze general English
Dawson, G. W. Burma gazetteer: Bhamo District gazetteer English Rangoon
Dean, Karin Mapping the Kachin political landscape: Constructing, contesting and crossing borders politics English Copenhagen
Dean, Karin Spaces and territorialities on the Sino-Burmese boundary: China, Burma and the Kachin politics, geography English
Dean, Karin Struggle over space in Myanmar: Expanding state territoriality after the Kachin ceasefire politics, geography English Singapore
Dean, Karin The spatiality and borderless-ness of contentious politics: Kachin mobilities as capability politics, geography English
Dean, Karin Tackling the territorial trap: Kachin divided by the Sino-Burmese boundary politics, geography English
Dean, Karin Territorialities yet unaccounted: The Kachin connecting India and China politics, geography English
Dean, Karin and Mart Viirand Multiple borders and bordering processes in Kachin State other English London
Deing" Dang: Khoo" Cang Lanyau: Yo' Gyuno A cat and a rat* textbook Lacid
DeLancey, Scott Nocte and Jinghpaw: Morphological correspondences language English New Delhi
DeLancey, Scott The category of direction in Tibeto-Burman language English
DeLancey, Scott The analysis-synthesis-lexis cycle in Tibeto-Burman: A case study in motivated change language English Amsterdam
DeLancey, Scott Verb agreement in Proto-Tibeto-Burman language English
DeLancey, Scott Deictic categories in the Tibeto-Burman verb language English
DeLancey, Scott, Lon Diehl and La Raw Maran A localistic account of aspect in Jinghpaw language English
Dell, Elizabeth and Sandra Dudley (eds.) Textiles from Burma: Featuring the James Henry Green Collection culture English Chicago
Dempsey, Jacob Analysis of rime-groups in Northern-Burmish language English
Deng, Zeshuai et al. Hemoglobin E protects against acute Plasmodium vivax infections in a Kachin population at the China-Myanmar border medicine English
Denyer, C. H. Dawn on the Kachin hills: A brief account of Burma and its peoples, and of Missionary work among them, with special reference to the races of upper Burma and the New Mission of the Bible Churchmen's Missionary Society religion English London
Dictionary Committee English-English-Kachin-Myanmar standard dictionary language English, Jinghpaw, Burmese Yangon
Don fleming; Lapyao-Khao Leim" (trsl.) Khristan: Jham: Paug' The Christian's Bible religion Lhaovo Brisbane
Don fleming; Lapyao-Khao Leim" (trsl.) Khristan: Lalam Lakhug The Christian's Faith religion Lhaovo Brisbane
Don fleming; Lapyao-Khao Leim" (trsl.) Khristan: Mo" So The Christian's God religion Lhaovo Brisbane
Don fleming; Lapyao-Khao Leim" (trsl.) Khristan: Sona The Christian's Life religion Lhaovo Brisbane
Doqshi Gam Zaiwâ Mhô-myi Zô Pé Zaiwa Stories textbook Zaiwa
Driem, George van Languages of the Himalayas: An ethnolinguistic handbook of the greater Himalayan region language English Leiden
Driem, George van The Proto-Tibeto-Burman verbal agreement system language English
Dureng Hkauka Zau Gam Pawng Jinghpaw Ni A Bawpa Mying (10) Hte Htinggaw Mying 2337 10 clan names and 2337 lineage names of the Jinghpaw people* culture Jinghpaw